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Seat Lift Assist

Seat Lift Assist

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The Mobilita Seat Lift Assist is useful for people who find it difficult to get up from their chairs.  It is a hydraulics based device that can gently push you up when you are in the process of getting up, thereby helping reduce the strain on your knees and thigh muscles.  The device can be placed on chairs and sofas and is also made for easy transportation, so that you can take it along with you wherever you go.


  • Carries up to 70% of your body weight
  • Well designed and easy to use
  • No battery or electricity required  (Works on hydraulics, just like the rear door on a hatchback car)
  • Comfortable (Memory foam)
  • Portable and easy to carry

Placing it on the chair

Generally, the Mobilità Seat Lift Assist should overhang the front of the chair. On chairs which are very deep, it is permissible to position the cushion further back. When using the Mobilità Seat Lift Assist, keep both hands on the arms of the chair (or other suitable support).

Sitting down

After adjusting the weight settings and placing the Mobilità Seat Lift Assist on your chair, sit down on the flat part at the top of the cushion. The Mobilità Seat Lift Assist will ease you slowly and gently into your chair.

Note: If the cushion does not go down when you sit on it, re-adjust the weight setting to a lower weight.

Getting up

When you are ready to stand, simply start to get up like you normally would, by leaning slightly forward and pushing off with your arms and legs. Mobilità Seat Lift Assist will sense you are getting up and give you a slow and gentle lift up.

Selecting the weight setting

Stand Mobilità on the end opposite the handle. Push down on the upholstered part of the cushion, causing it to flex outward. This allows the lifting mechanism to swing freely. 

(The Mobilità Seat Lift Assist cushion is designed to flex this way thousands of times. Flexing will not damage the product.)

Select a weight setting. Center the lifting mechanism pin between the two grooves for user’s appropriate weight. Make sure it is fitted securely in the center of the weight slots.

(The printed numbers on the setting gauge are only a guideline. The setting you choose should be according to the user’s ability and preference.

Choosing a weaker setting will still allow a gentle lowering into the chair but will not provide as much force on rising.)

Caring for your Seat Lift Assist

The cover on your Mobilità Seat Lift Assist is made of 100% polyester and can be removed and machine washed (hang to dry).

The surface of the Mobilità Seat Lift Assist cushion is coated with a special water-resistant coating. This may be sponge cleaned with mild soap or detergent.

Note : Never totally immerse your Mobilità Seat Lift Assist in water.

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