M606MW - Aluminium Wheelchair

M606MW - Aluminium Wheelchair

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  • Rs. 18,230.00

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  • Double fold.  The wheelchair can be folded into a compact size making it easy to transport even in a small car.
  • Retractable armrests:  The armrests can be moved out of the way, making it easier to slide in and out of the wheelchair
  • Removable footrests.  The footrests can be lifted out of the way, turned aside or completely removed as the situation demands.
  • Small wheels requiring attendant to push (not for self propelling).
  • Has two sets of brakes.  One for the attendant who may be pushing the wheelchair and one for putting a permanent brake to ensure that the wheelchair does not move.
  • No tilt wheels:  These are extensions at the back that prevent the wheelchair from tilting back beyond a certain angle, so that they don't flip back even when going on a steep slope.

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