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Anti Slip Floor Solution

Anti Slip Floor Solution

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Key Highlights

  • LONG LASTING: A single application of Lizard Grip Anti Slip Floor Solution in your residential premises will work for 5 years provided the floor is cleaned and maintained as per recommendations.
  • LIZARD GRIP ADVANTAGES: No need to change your current flooring. Ideal for Residential, Commercial & Industrial application.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALMOST ALL FLOORING: Lizard Grip Anti Slip can be applied on Marbles, Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Anti-Skid Tiles, Glazed Tiles, Porcelain Bath tubs, Cemented Floor, Mosaic Floor, etc. FAST: Floor ready for use within 1 hour.
  • SAFE ON FLOOR: Lizard Grip Anti Slip visibly does not affect the color and texture of the floor.
  • ECONOMICAL: The ingredients in the pack are adequate for anti slip treatment of floor area up to 60 sqft (Approx. 2 bathrooms).




Slip fall accidents on wet surfaces especially in bathrooms are a major problem everywhere right from residences, hotels, malls, hospitals, offices, factories, etc. Every year hundreds of crore gets spent on medical expenses in India due to slip fall accidents. Lizard Grip Anti Slip helps you to prevent slip fall accidents. Lizard Grip Anti Slip Floor Solution is an invisible floor treatment. Once the floor is treated with Lizard Grip, it retains the anti skid properties in almost all conditions - whether wet or dry. Lizard Grip application is so quick that your floor will be ready for use within 1 hour. This product is available is available in over 18 countries since 25 years.


Weight: 650gms

Dimension: 21cm x 14cm x 10cm

Item Code: LGDIY

Item Package Quantity: 1

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