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401 PU - Women-Diabetic and Senior Friendly Footwear - Polyurethane Sole

401 PU - Women-Diabetic and Senior Friendly Footwear - Polyurethane Sole

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Casual Mule with Finger Seperator with back strap

Your Feet is the reflection of your health.

 It is important for Elders and those with Diabetes to change their footwear once it wears off. Out of shape footwear leads to out of shape foot.

 Proper footwear for elderly can reduce risk of fall, which is one of the leading causes of injury among elders.

A fall can cause an injury such as a hop or pelvis fracture which means months of rehabilitation therapy. It can also have a long term effect on seniors mobility.

 Don't worry, a "safe" shoe doesn't necessarily have to be an ugly shoe.

 Alive brings to you a range of footwear made by Diafoot. These are not only for those with Diabetics but also for elders who want to have an enhanced degree of comfort for their feet.

 These footwear are designed keeping in mind the needs of the Diabetic Feet and Comfort for Elders.

 The features include


  1. Light In Weight
  2. Velcro ® closed to ensure easy wearing and comfort
  3. Has wide toe box
  4. Reinforced under sole for rigidity
  5. Has non-reactant Vamp
  6. Available in color options
  7. Rubber sole

Save your feet by selecting those shoes and footwear that is apt for your activities.

Lead time is usually 12 to 15 days from order placement. Please mail us at for an expedited delivery.

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