M500 - BedSide Rail with Pouch

M500 - BedSide Rail with Pouch

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  •  It prevents the sleeper from rolling off the bed and falling.
  • 2.  It provides a firm hold for the user when getting up from bed.
  • 3.  Provides a convenient place to keep small things, such as TV remotes, essential medicines, spectacles, or even a book.
  • It is an ideal gift for a elder person. 
  • 1.  No drilling or modification required.  The flat base can be inserted under the mattress and strapped tightly to the cot.  
  • 2.  Easy to install and remove
  • 3.  Height adjustable, so it is suitable for all beds.
  • 4.  Foam handle for better grip and comfort.
  • 5.  Ergonomically designed
  • 6.  Available in Black.

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