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Let's Talk is an initiative by Alive to provide anonymous support to fight depression among Seniors above 60.

We take down your questions anonymously and provide responses which are from Psychiatrists and Psychologists on our website.

Alive does not respond to questions immediately. If you need emergency help, call your doctor or an emergency helpline.

Your question is anonymous meaning that we can not identify you. Alive reads every question submitted but can only respond to a limited number.

Alive does not email answers to individuals - questions that are answered are only posted on the website.

Alive is a resource for health information and is not a crisis hotline. If you are in crisis or are in danger of hurting yourself, seek immediate help by calling 108 or an emergency help line.

Question: My son and daughter has gone out of town. I am dependent on others for help. what should I do?

While being dependent can be a bit difficult, here are a few tips which you can follow

1. Prime importance is your security. Please inform nearest police station that you are alone. If possible install a surveillance camera that can have access to your children. This will increase your safety as well as your confidence.

2. If you are residing in town , there are initiatives which provide you necessary help with your daily activities  like paying bills, buying provision, medicines, groceries etc Please contact them.

3. Try to be active in local peer group,in that way you can keep connected & updated with your surroundings.


Creating a social environment around you is essential for active ageing. Focus on staying healthy and alert. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your siblings for support.




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