About us

At Alive, we address the Six Dimensions of Wellness - Intellectual, Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual and Sense of Purpose which helps you to lead a safe and independent life.

“I am incapable of conceiving infinity, and yet I do not accept finity. I want this adventure that is the context of my life to go on without end.”
― Simone de Beauvoir

Vibrancy and longevity are two of the most important factors of life.

Alive is here to ensure that these two factors stay with you always through our post-retirement products and services under the brand name Alive.

Vision: Adding Life to Age

Mission: To create a positive change in the life of elders by enabling a safe, vibrant and happy life through successful ageing


We believe that age is just a number and we can make it memorable, happy and beautiful if we take the right steps in our life. Elders should be active and socially connected to enjoy their golden years and anyone with a goal in life is more productive and forward looking. Your golden years are the most valuable years of your life. Alive aims to make those years memorable by Adding Life To Age.

 AliveKart is your one stop shop for health, fitness and lifestyle management needs. No more long queues at stores, or running around for special needs products. A world-class range of health and fitness products, is available simply at the click of a button. These products have been exclusively hand-picked to suit your needs. AliveKart is here to ensure successful ageing, where you can pursue hobbies and lead a more active life, everyday.

Step away from a world where you don’t get what you need and step into ours.

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