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Staying Active - Prevent Falls

Did you know, one in three elders suffer from falls. Most of these happen in their own homes. Theoretically, "falls are defined as inadvertently coming to rest on the ground, floor, or other lower level, excluding intentional change in position to rest". However, it is more important to understand the consequence of a fall. 20% to 30% of elders who fall suffer from mild to serious injuries which requires some amount of hospitalisation. More than the physical cost the economic and the mental cost of a fall is what affects most. Any treatment for fall can result in an spend...

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The All New Alivekart - Faster, Safer, Better

We are happy to let you know that we are now in a faster, safer and more secure environment.  We started Alivekart almost 10 months back and have come a long way. Based on your feedback and inputs, we decided it is time to move over to take it to the next level! What's New: 1. HTTPS - More Secure. We now have HTTPS on all our pages. As you know, we use one of the most secure gateways for payment transactions online. We wanted to go one step further and make sure the entire site is secure.  2. Faster -...

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