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We are very happy to announce the launch of Alive EasyWear with our range of Men's Shirt for Seniors. 

At Alive, we are driven by a philosophy of introducing great new products for Seniors which are both functional as well as stylish and comfortable.

Alive EasyWear Shirts is a big step in this direction.

We have worked on this concept for over an year with top designers and experts in the field of plastics and neo magnets to bring this to you. 

Here are some of the great features of the Shirt

1. Embedded Micro Magnets - A key challenge in wearing a shirt is buttoning up and down. Alive EasyWear with embedded micro magnets makes dressing up easy. With Faux buttons and no visible contours, these micro magnets are an innovation by itself.



2. Carefully HandSewn - Certain aspects of stitching are best done by hand. It requires great dexterity and effort. Elements of Alive EasyWear shirt are hand sewn to ensure you get the best crafted shirt.

3. Made In India - We are happy to have brought the entire concept from thought to reality within India. 

4. Comfort Fit - Our sizes are comfortable, which means you don't have to worry about wrong fit.  In fact, we recommend you to use our sizing chart and ensure a good fit.

With our Patent Pending technology, Alive EasyWear Shirts combine fit, functionality, style and design giving truly More To A Shirt.

Click here to shop now.

Wash Care Instructions: Button up and wash separately.

Note: Please talk to your physician in case you use a pacemaker.

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