Alivekart Ambassador Program

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Alivekart ambassador program

Welcome to the Alivekart Ambassador Program.

The aim of this program is to empower YOU, our valuable customers as an ambassador to Alivekart.

But, before we go ahead a brief introduction about Alive.

Alive is India's first complete ageing solutions company with a mission of 'Adding Life to Age'. With offices in Kerala & Tamil Nadu, Alive is an organization with focus on making a difference and promote a healthy and active life post retirement.

 We operate under four verticals :


ALIVEKART – India’s leading online store for seniors-

ALIVE LIFESPACES - India’s first holistic retirement community project coming up in Trivandrum, Kerala. -

ALIVE HOME SOLUTIONS - We focus to improve the safety and comfort of elders by modifying their existing homes to reduce the risk of fall by installing our products -        

ALIVE Foundation - A social vertical to create awareness for elder care in the society - we do multiple programs towards this with the public and also undertake research and development to introduce new products and services to enhance the quality of life of elders.

 With our first retail store in Trivandrum and our upcoming store in Chennai, we are poised to provide the widest variety of product and solutions which meets the challenges of today’s elders.

 Alivekart was founded with the belief that an ecommerce store with the right set of products will make a huge difference in the lifestyle of seniors. As we celebrate our second anniversary this month, we wanted to bring in you, our customers who have trusted us as a part of this journey.

 Alivekart Ambassador Program is the outcome of this vision. The program intends to enable you to reach out to your circle who are not connected to the internet and showcase Alivekarts range of products and offerings. You can now earn attractive incentive by spreading product awareness and encouraging your friends and relatives to buy from our extensive range of products.

 The benefits of the program are as follows. 

  1. Earn attractive incentive for customers who purchase Alivekart’s products through you.
  2. Get exclusive preview of products which are going to be launched on Alivekart.
  3. Enhance your standing in the society by taking up activities with a cause in your area which are powered by Alivekart.

 There are three slabs in the Alivekart Ambassador program. The requirements and the benefits & support provided are mentioned below


S No

 Slab Name

Monthly Sale

Benefits & Support Provided


Silver Slab

Upto Rs.25000/-

Attractive Incentive Option+ Basic Collaterals


Gold Slab

Rs. 25000/- to Rs. 75000/-

Additional Incentives + Collaterals+ standees


Platinum Slab

Rs. 75000/- & Above

Additional Incentives+ Collaterals + standees+ New product previews


How It Works:

 Step 1: Enroll into the program. Call us at +917025336666. We will guide you to get yourself registered as an Alivekart Ambassador

 Step 2: Receive the welcome kit of product brochure and incentive documentation.

 Step 3: Signoff and send us back the terms and conditions document.

 Step 4: Market and take orders for Alivekart’s range of products through your network.

 Step 5: Place the order online or over our helpline.

 Step 6: Get your incentive once the delivery has been made and payment collected*.

 *Any incentive are subject to the existing taxes.

 We understand you will need further details and clarification to make this critical decision. As always, we are with you to support you in this journey.

 If you are interested to take this journey forward, please reply to this email with your contact number or call us at +917025336666.

 We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting new phase of our growth.

 Thank You & Have A Nice Day!

 Team Alivekart

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